The village Of A Fraga is an integral project in which rural tourism and wood craftmanship integrate themselves as one.

The village is located in Xermade city hall, situated in the Terra Chá region, in the province of Lugo. It has been recognized by the European Commission as a Community Interesting Place, as part of the Life-Nature Program 2000 and as Biosphere Reserve since then.
In Terra Chá, the climate, vegetation, flora and fauna become a privileged place to enjoy. By direction of the well known architect Félix Gordillo, nature and architecture unites with harmony to offer the tourist an unique and carefully rehabilitated and restored environment; two traditional buildings:

-A rural house (registered under the State´s TR.LU-87 Tourist Register) with ten double rooms which includes a bathroom with bath, hot water and heat.
-An ancient elegant dining room and a fireplace room.
-A brand new building with a totally equipped workshop for wood works, registered under the State´s the Craft General Register, number 248.

We offer our clients the possibility to discover traditional wood craftmanship works that we elaborate and touristic packages adapted to your needs.

This includes workshops monographic in restoration of furniture and basic carpentry and creative woodturning taught by prestigious international known craftsmen. We adapt ourselves to all knowledge levels showing the process, precise techniques, tools and materials to create an unique masterpiece.