Since the year 2003 we conduct courses in the workshop of the Artisan Village, which is perfectly fitted for the development of these activities.
To achieve the best results we adapt the level of your knowledge, concerns and objectives. The methodology is based on practice, where theoretical aspects, brief and specific, clarify the doubts that arise in the development of the work and exercises to practice the techniques necessary for the proper understanding of the techniques and use of the tools learned.
General content of the course of wood turning:
-Basic safety norms and protection materials
-How to sharp and maintain tools and the usage of special machinery sharp tools
-How to choose the appropriate timber (dry, green, knock, warts, etc.)
-Labor between points and air inside holes
-Stains, varnishes, and other finished trims for parts
-Use of gouges, scrapers, special tools and Llergas
Contents of the restoration course:
-Evaluation of jobs and basic safety
-Structural repairs: loose boards, doors, bent boards, replacement and recovery of iron works, furniture with and without frames and the most common defects in chairs
-Reproduction of new pieces and replacement of current ones.
-Application of hardeners
-Revival of finishes: methods, materials, application, surface defects, etc.
-Renewal of paints and decorative finishes: cleaning and surface preparation, bleaching, physical and chemical dyes, shellac, oils, polyurethanes and other products