The protagonists of the Itinerant Exhibition of Woodturning or “CONtornors”, are internationally recognized amateur and professional turners who volunteer to recuperate this trade´s tradition, proposing innovative and creative expression direction.

The pieces are a representation of the work provided by the participants in the wood turners yearly exhibitions held in the month of September since the year 2001, at the city of Xermade. The participating international speakers are in charge of selecting the finished participant works. Both the techniques used as raw materials and finished products are varied so that the results from the same woods are always different and surprising.

Since the year 2012, the production of the expositions is made by the city of Xermade along with the technical advice and coordination of Fernando Verez Tojeiro and the Artisan Village of A Fraga.


-Make visible unique creative and quality pieces and share the participant´s representative wood turning craft productions to villages, towns and cities.
-Share the processes and results of our own craft production versus the industrial production, offering a convincing explanation of its differences.
-Promote other similar encounters that complement each other