There are times when it is difficult to separate the wisdom blood of the tree that drives the craftsman. This is the point where the trade is mixed with passion: we dialogue with the wood to create respectful, helpful, warm and quality pieces.

It doesn´t matter if we restore a wardrobe, a turning cup or make a chair. Leisure confuses itself with work as it becomes a pleasure while the artisan transforms raw material that transmits calmness to the artisan spirit.

The origin of the family craft´s tradition dates back to the early twentieth century as Amador Ledo Rivera worked and traveled. First as an apprentice and then as a teacher, something common in those days, he made all kinds of crafts related to wood including the jobs of a carpenter, turner, cabinetmaker, etc. On the third decade of the 1900´s he founded in the village of As Pontes a workshop where he worked until the end of the century while teaching his son Vicente Ledo Pena the trade. The latter inherited machinery, tools, wood, and most importantly, the knowledge about the trades.

These antecedents give way to an ambitious project in 1997, trying to combine production with teaching of the crafts and rural tourism. At that that time we rehabilitated the abandoned buildings property of the family where up until now, the Craftsman Village of A Fraga, is a place in which we develop initiatives that attempt to preserve, document and publicize activities through different crafts: wood turning, furniture restoration, carpentry and joinery.