Wood is a living element that literally breathes in constant dialogue with the person who works with it. The conversation can have its misunderstandings and obstacles similar to the ones we face on a day-to-day basis. The solution can be found in the hands of expert craftsmen who will show you how a piece of wood can touch your soul and heart and turn it into a masterpiece.
The knowledge of the trades were inherited from our past generations. This serves as the foundation of the “A Fraga” craft village, a place that divides initiatives that attempt to preserve and spread (through visits to schools, meetings, demonstrations and courses) different wood related handmade crafts using traditional and creative woodturning.
In order to recover this forgotten trade, it has been documented and exhibited through an international gathering of wood turners in Galicia we initiated in collaboration with master turner Fernando Verez Tojeiro. It has been celebrated annually since the year 2001 on the first installation of our own Artisan Village, and since 2006 in the public facilities of the City of Xermade.
Throughout the years many people have participated in our activities and workshops, including international known wood turning masters, known for their technical, artistic and quality of their works.
Photographs of our work
Our wood turning art works are unique and we admit commissions on demand. We restore, build from scratch and reproduce your furniture. We can also build custom handmade gifts tailored to your needs.