Our production includes various fields related to handmade wood processing and its transformation.

– We restore and reproduce solid wood furniture craftsman following our family tradition: comfortable beds, cots, tables, chairs, shelves, sewing machines, watch boxes, tables, etc. We also prepare furniture to different original functions and adapt them to current fashion trends.

-We use woodturning to handcraft wood: Pieces of our own creation, unique by design and quality, suitable to revalue your home decor or as very special gifts.

-We always give you an estimated detailed and written costs of our services and products.

-We design and build simple and utilitarian furniture in response to your practical needs: cover radiators (that turn into tables), mirror frames (that serve as key chains and / or light cover boards), floor and table lamps (unique pieces, some wood turned by hand), folding tables to maximize space, and any other furniture you may need.