Artisanal is like the beat to the human tempo. It can be a useful object but in the same token is a thing of beauty; it is an object that lasts but ends itself and/or resigns itself to come to an end; an object that isn’t unique like a work of art but can be substituted for other similar objects non identical. ‘Artisanal shows us to how life ends, this way, illustrates us how to live’… ( From Octavio Paz, text extracted from “La Artesania entre el uso y la comtemplación”).

The workshop or the craftsman gets involved with the design, manipulating raw material, and turning and finishing the piece without help from industrial machinery of serial productions; our products vary from one another as they are handmade and are inspired from the heart. The woods (Maple, Ash, Birch, willow, Alder, common pear, buckthorn, Apple tree wood, holly, boxwood, common pine, Oak wood, Chestnut wood, etc.) originate from cutting and pruning; yield of labour from the act of natural preservation at the same domain where the craftwork is going to be performed.

Our workshop is registered in the ´Artesania de Galicia` and we feature as able Craftsman. The seal of guarantee from “Artesania de Galicia”, advocated by the Governing bodies of Galicia, certifies that all the works created are essentially classified and labelled as Galician handcraft. We employ environmentally friendly products for prevention purposes such as the Carnauba wax and bees wax, as well as natural oils. We, otherwise, administer a natural finish to other pieces.