Wood turning has always been an ancient trade in the Galician artisan tradition. It has been closely linked to the characteristics of the Galician society, producing day-to-today needs (cheese molds, wine bunches, plates, bread bowls, lunchboxes, etc.) and serving as a complement to other trades (blacksmiths, carpenters, cabinetmakers, riverside carpenters, etc. ) which, as time passed by, lost importance due to new forms of social consumption and the emergence of new materials.

Today, both gender turners, try to adapt to current times mixing native techniques with other imported techniques without forgetting the contributions of other crafts that expand the creative possibilities and enrich the identity of the resulting pieces.

The idea to hold the International Galician Workshop Encounters of Woodturners, came up during a conversation between Fernando Verez Tojeiro and Vicente Ledo Roca. It now constitutes a benchmark in the industry held since the year 2001 in the city of Xermade. Its objective is to meet and exchange learning and services to all interested people in the industry. This activity is supported by the participation of the best wood turners in the industry who share their knowledge and expertise.